Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Thames Path - Caversham to Pangbourne

Date of Walk:  2 June 2012
Approx Distance of Walk: 10 km (6.25 miles)
 Parking/Transport: 2 cars, one at Caversham Bridge in Toby Inn car park, one in Pangbourne, car park by the river.
Starting Point: Caversham Bridge
Finishing Point: Whitchurch Bridge, Pangbourne

We're still managing to fit in a walk on the Thames Path about once a month -  I've just been rather slow in posting them here. We've done three walks since my last report, the latest one being a family walk from Caversham to Pangbourne. We picked the only dry day of the recent Diamond Jubilee weekend, so although it was rather cloudy, we didn't get wet!

Starting out at Caversham Bridge.

Some well-to-do properties on the opposite bank - notice the helicopter in the garden!
We then assumed that this must be just the boat-house. There's probably a larger house hidden from view.

Not much river traffic today, but a nice wide asphalt path to begin with.

A pleasure cruiser heads back to Caversham...

... and on the opposite bank, a stylish scarecrow stands guard.

At Tilehurst, the path diverts away from the river and through a housing estate, which wasn't so interesting. Eventually the path lead back down a lane and across a field, approaching Mapledurham Lock and Wier. We passed a field where a fete to celebrate the Jubilee was being set up for the following day.

Even the lock was very quiet, which was suprising on a bank holiday weekend. 

Nice and quiet to enjoy a cuppa.

We'd brought our own tea, not knowing that there was a cafe at the lock.

There is a large house at Mapledurham, but we couldn't see it from the opposite side of the river. There was, however, a dog obedience camp on the other side of the river, which seemed very busy. And noisy. (I thought obedient dogs should be quiet.)

Another lock-house for my collection.

And a family picture for the album.

Walking on from Mapledurham Lock we passed another house on the opposite bank - Hardwick House - although it's quite hidden behind an avenue of trees - if you blink you might miss it.
It is reputed to have been the inspiration for E. H. Shepard's illustrations of Toad Hall in the book The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, although this is also claimed by Mapledurham House. 

From here the walk continued through open fields towards Pangbourne - here a barge all decked out with bunting was moored on the bank.

At last, after what seemed like a longer walk than we'd anticipated, Whitchurch Bridge in Pangbourne came into view.

Everyone was ready to tuck into a good meal after the walk, so it was just a question of hopping into the cars that we'd left in Pangbourne and head back to the restaurant at the starting point....

... with just a slight delay when we realised that one set of car keys was in the other car - in Caversham! But after a swift bit of car shuttling all was resolved in the end!


  1. That looks a lovely walk. I am so glad you actually had a dry afternoon. Very rare at the moment!

  2. Love these walks along the Thames Janet! Reminds me of the 'Three Men in a Boat' series with Griff Rhys Jones, except a view from the path instead of on the river. Thanks for sharing...

  3. i quite enjoy seeing all the sights on our walks together. Thank you.


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