Thursday, 14 June 2012

OOps! Something up my sleeve

There's something about me and knitting sleeves. Groundhog Day springs to mind. The last time I knitted a garment that was not for charity, was the recycled cardigan that I made for myself last year. In the end, I made 3 attempts at the sleeves before I was happy with the result.

Last week, Mr Puppet Lady pulled out of the cupboard a sweater that I knitted for him a few years ago. (Yes, I know, sweaters in June - it's been diabolical, hasn't it?) He says he doesn't wear it much these days because the sleeves are too baggy. Well, that was the fashion when I knitted it. Couldn't I make the sleeves smaller?

Here we go again then. Like a dutiful wife, I abandoned my puppet making and unpicked one sleeve. Unpicking the seams was the worst part, but I managed it without too much damage to the yarn. So far, so good. It seemed to knit up again ok, without all the bother of washing and skeining the wool again. So I made good progress, and finished the sleeve in less than a week.

Yesterday evening, I sat and sewed the sleeve back in. Mr Puppet Lady was pleased with the fit of the new sleeve.  I don't think he noticed that I'd sewn the new sleeve in inside out! Astonishingly, neither did I until it was all done! So it's back to unpicking again for me, only 2 sleeves to go!

Incidentally, continuing the saga of the recycled cardigan, where I had 3 attempts at making the sleeves because I didn't have enough wool and it had been discontinued; well, lo and behold, in a charity shop the other week, what did I find? Two balls of the exact same wool! And am I going to remake the sleeves a fourth time? I think not....


  1. Oh no! you must have the patience of a saint I couldn't do it all over again. :)

  2. I wouldn't have the patience to do that! Good on you!


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