Monday, 21 May 2012

Puppety Update

It's been quite a while since I showed you any puppets. You may remember that I've been making them in groups of four this year. In my last puppety post, we saw two bunnies - flopsy and cottontail.

The second two bunnies are here now - the pink one on the right turned into something of a Were-Rabbit. The one on the left has some lovely sharp bunny teeth!

Here they are together.

I'll be writing up the bunny puppet pattern shortly.

The puppets seem to have taken on an animal theme this year. So far we've had pandas, ducks and rabbits.

And carrying on that theme, the next set hopped into place.


In different shades of green, they all have long wiggly fingers and googly eyes.
Once again, I plan to write up the pattern for these as well.

And wouldn't you know it, the latest set is still in the world of organisms, I moved into insects.
Here we have a ladybird, a spider and a bumble bee.

The ladybird has wings on her back....

... and so does the bumble bee ...

... and the spider has eight hairy legs!

As you see, there are only 3 puppets in this latest insect set, and I'm a bit stuck for ideas for a fourth insect, so if anyone can make any suggestions, I'd be very grateful!

Now I need to get busy with these scribbled bits of paper, and transform them into readable knitting patterns!

I hope this won't take too long.


  1. Wow!Janet they are really wonderful. I can "feel" the little ones smiling from here!
    How about a butterfly or a snail?

  2. They are all lovely! I think my favourite is the bumble bee, I was going to suggest a butterfly but Linda has beat me to it :)

  3. We may not have heard from you for a while but you have certainly been busy - they are all delightful and will bring smiles to lots of faces - I too was going to suggest a butterfly. Lovely work Janet.

  4. How cute these are! The kiddies are sure to love them. I was going to suggest a caterpillar.

  5. Janet, How about a Jiminy Cricket to make up he set?


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