Saturday, 19 May 2012

Olympic Fever at Dorney Lake

It's hotting up for the 2012 Olympics. Yesterday saw the arrival of the Olympic Flame from Greece, with much fanfare and hullabaloo. Also this week I finally managed to secure some tickets for the rowing event at Dorney Lake. So on a rather dreary day yesterday, I took a walk down to see how the preparations were coming along. There is also a big triathlon there this weekend, so what with the setting up of that, and the work in progress of building the stands, it had lost some of it's usual tranquility.

This seems to be the most completed stand, with some of the seats already in place.

Elsewhere, construction has just started.

There were hard hats and high viz jackets a-plenty....

... although there's always someone standing around with their arms folded...

... or worse!

Hope you have a restful weekend!

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  1. Hi Janet-- Hope you enjoy watching the event -- I don't think anyone will be reclining then!


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