Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chasing bluebells

I've been walking a couple of times this week, looking out for bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta). 

I think it is still a little early as they don't seem to be out in thier full glory as yet, but here's what I have seen.

On a cool and rainy Easter Monday we walked in the ground of Cliveden, and the display there was suprisingly colourful, although still not at it's best.

These wild helibores were looking gorgeous against the leafy undergrowth.

A few days later, this time in Wippendell Woods in Hertfordshire, the bluebells were there in abundance, the sun showed it's face a little more, but the bluebells were still not showing their true colours.

A roit of colour waiting to explode...

... but needing a bit more warmth and sunshine.

I suppose you can't hurry mother nature, can you?


  1. Nice to see all the green, and flowers. Here, my crocus have bloomed and my daffs have just shown their heads. I'm looking forward to seeing more green.

  2. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for popping by. I don't know what happens to blogs a lot of the time! Sorry about that.
    Janet I don't know how you have the patience to cut out for the caterpillars! Wow! when I saw all these yo-yo's! Amazing. A really good idea though. I'm pleased to see you are making your teddies and managing to find time to get outside when it's nice. Your photos are superb.
    Another nice afternoon today. Lets hope it stays good!
    Love Suex



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