Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Panda puppets

A few weeks ago, when deciding what to make for my next batch of puppets, it was snowing outside, and I had half a mind to make some snowmen. But then I looked at the TV paper, and on the schedule was a progam about the new pair of giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo.

So that decided it, along with a lucky find of some fluffy black wool in my local charity shop. 
Here is the result. Panda puppets.

Not two, but four pandas. (You may remember I'm making puppets in sets of four this year.)

There are two different ways of making the panda ears:

One way is to knit them....

... and the other way is to use a mini pom-pom.

In order to show the detail in these close-ups, I've lightened the pictures, otherwise the ears just showed as a black blob.

The pattern for the panda puppet can be found here.


  1. Panda puppets! So cute! I love the pom-pom ears.

  2. I think these are the best finger puppets I've seen and have lots of appeal for children. Thanks for the birthday wishes and still enjoying your photos of the walks along the Thames.


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