Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Panda Puppet Knitting Pattern

These little panda puppets can be slipped into a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. 

You will need: Oddments of black and white double knitting wool.
Needles: 1 pair size 8 or 7 (4 mm or 4.5mm) needles.

Cast on 36 stitches using white wool and work 6 rows in garter stitch.

Work 20 rows in stocking stitch. Break off white wool.

Next row: Change to black wool and cast on 8 stitches. Knit back these 8 sts plus 18 sts from body. (26 sts altogether).  Turn leaving remaining 18 stitches on a spare needle.  
Cast on 8 sts. K3, P28, K3

Continue for a further 6 rows on these 34 sts remembering to knit the first and last 3 stitches on purl rows.
Cast off 10 sts. Knit to end of row.
Cast off 10 sts. Purl to end of row. 14 sts remain.

Slip these stitches onto spare needle, and break off wool.

Rejoin black wool to 18 sts on first spare needle, and work to match.
Slip all the sts from front and back onto one needle (28 sts).

Join in white wool for the face and knitting across all 28 sts, knit 4 rows in stocking st.
Now break off a length of black yarn approx 24" long (60cm). This length you will use for the second eye.
You will now work the eyes, using separate pieces of black wool for each eye but carrying the white wool loosely along the back of your work behind the eyes:

1st row: Join in black wool, k2 white (W), k1 black (B), k8W, k1B (using the separate length of yarn for the second eye) , k to end in W.
2nd row: p16W, p3B, p4W, p3B, p2W.
3rd row: k2W, k3B, k4W, k3B, k to end in W.
4th row:  as 2nd row.
5th row: as 3rd row.
6th row: p16W, p2B, p6W, p2B, p2W.
7th row: (decrease row) in W s1,k1,psso, k1W, k1B, k6W, k1B, (k1, k2tog, k1,sl1, psso, k10, k2tog all in W).
Continue using only white wool:
8th row: purl
9th row: [s1 k1 psso, k8, k2 tog] twice.
10th row: purl
11th row: [s1 k1 psso, k6, k2 tog] twice.
12th row: purl.

Cast off. 

Sew the body together up the side seam, around the arm edges and along the side and top of the head.

These can be either knitted or made out of a small pom-pom.

Knitted ears: (make 2)

Cast on 3 sts in black wool. These are knitted in garter st (all rows knit.)
k 1 row.
Inc 1 st at each end of next row. (5 sts). K 1 row.

Inc 1 st at each end of next row. (7 sts). K 1 row.
Inc 1 st at each end of next row. (9 sts). K 1 row.
Dec 1 st each end of next row. (7 sts). K 1 row.
Dec 1 st each end of next row. (5 sts). K 1 row.
Cast off.
Sew ears to sides of head as shown.

Pom-pom ears: (make 2)
To make a pom-pom, wind black wool around your fingers - 2 or 3 fingers, depending on the size. It should be approx 1 3/4 in or 4.5 cm across. Wind the wool about 25 times around, then slip it off (or slip out the middle finger), tie tightly around the middle of wound wool and secure with a reef knot or two. Cut through the loops at each end and fluff up into a pom-pom. Sew securely to the side of the panda head as shown.

Now embroider some eyes using white wool - 3 horizontal sts in the middle of the black eye patches.
And finally, using black wool, embroider a triangle for the snout and a discreet little smile!

Please leave a comment if you like this pattern, or of you have any problems with the pattern, in which case I will try and help you out!


  1. I love these they are so cute! thank you for the pattern :)

  2. Adorable panda puppets! The children are sure to love these.

  3. How lovely! Thanks for sharing this and the other patterns. Our local knitting group is thinking of making a variety of puppets for a children's charity and I'll definitely make one for my next charity christmas box.


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