Thursday, 23 February 2012

Puppet News

I've been getting rather behind with Puppet News recently, so here is the next batch of four puppets. They've been finished for a week or so now, in fact I'm already three-quarters of the way into the following batch.

I've made this set by combining this yarn...

... with different colours of four-ply yarn. On it's own, this yarn would be very soft and limp when knitted up. I find that combining the two yarns gives a bit more structure, whilst at the same time preserving the tactile nature of the fancy yarn, which I'm sure the children love.

So here are four teddy puppets, nos 5 - 8, standing to attention on my mantlepiece.

Sometime soon I will publish the pattern that I use for my teddies, which is really very easy.

(My next batch of puppets will also involve writing up yet another puppet pattern - watch this space!)

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  1. They look adorable! The fancy yarn makes them quite attractive.


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