Friday, 10 February 2012

Colour from abroad

On a cold and snowy morning....

.... when all seems rather monochromatic...

... apart from some dawn colours....

.... it's good to see ...

... a splash of colour.

There are mixed opinions about the way parakeets have established themselves in this country in a short space of time.

Personally I am undecided.

In some ways they are quite endearing....

... but their noisy squawking can be very irritating, especially outside in the summer.

But today, I rather enjoyed seeing a bit of colour in the garden.


  1. Nice pics. I really liked the dawn colours. Hope you stay cozy and warm with all that snow.

  2. Loved the photos Janet but where have the parrots come from? Have they escaped from the aviary at Cliveden or somewhere? Not many seeds for them in those conditions...

  3. Just catching up on your blog posts Janet. I hope you are well. Nice to see your crafty ladies working hard once again! I'm sure all of your work is very much appreciated by those less unfortunate. Your puppets are lovely too and will be very well received once again.
    Have a good weekend, Love suex.

  4. Marion, the parakeets are originally thought to have been introduced in the late 90's, possibly from escaped pets, and have now established quite large populations in the south of England. They seem to survive quite well, but there is some controversy over their endangering native species, and there has been talk of culling them. This would be quite a task as they really are very numerous now.

  5. The parakeets do add a lovely splash of colour. Unfortunately we have noticed them around the vineyard where I do my voluntary work. Let's hope they don't take a liking to the grapes!


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