Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Facing facts

A small package arrived in the post today - and inside was a little surprise from the lovely Linda of Chalky's World. Once again, Linda has beaten me to it in making the first puppet of the year! (She did this to me last year as well - see here!)

Now I know Linda has been very busy lately, and very excited at the arrival of her first grandson, William - congratulations, Linda. I know that William will never be short of woolly things to wear and play with! So I feel especially honoured and privileged that she has taken the time to make a puppet for my collection. Thank you Linda, and good luck with your current 'big project'!

There was a sweet little hand-made card to accompany the package.

And here is Linda's puppet to start off my 2012 collection. 
 Now she seems to think she has a problem with her puppet faces, although I don't really agree with that, but this one did have a rather blank look.

The message on the card read as follows:

OK, then, Linda, no problem. It's the least I can do!

I hope he is suitably embellished and is handsome enough for you! 

(Actually I seem to be a bit out of practice - it's been a couple of months since I last made a puppet. 
Maybe I should get my needles out later and start on Number 2!)

And thank you Linda for getting my 2012 collection started!

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  1. I ma so glad he arrived safely even if he was not so beautifully wrapped as last year. As you say things have been a bit busy in Chalky's World of late! I love the fact he has come to life!
    Kindest Regards for 2012
    Love Linda


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