Sunday, 13 November 2011

Shoebox Warehouse Report

The checking of Operation Chistmas Child shoeboxes has been in full swing in our Maidenhead 'warehouse' for two days. In that time nearly 1500 shoeboxes have been checked and packed into cartons. This is more than after four days of checking last year, so things are really moving at a furious pace!

We've had coverage in the local press....

... and now starts the work of demolishing that pile of shoeboxes!

We have had plenty of willing volunteers...

...some of them check the contents of each box...

... whilst the stronger ones pack the checked boxes into cartons.

It can sometimes be tricky to fit 10 shoeboxes into a carton...

... you just have to wait for the right sized boxes!
Then we carry the cartons out....

... and load them into a van.

This van took 1200 shoeboxes away to our export warehouse in Eastleigh, near Southampton, and from here they will be transported by container to Swaziland. There they will distributed to needy children, many of whom have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. 

We hope the boxes will bring some of the love and happiness from our warehouse and from the people who made the boxes to those needy children.


  1. I'm sure there will be many, many happy little faces!

  2. Janet this is a superb post!
    So nice to see all these kind people giving their time up to do something so worthwhile. These photos are the best thank you for sharing them.
    Love Suex


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