Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekly puppety update #14

Well, here we are, October 3rd. You may remember from last week's update that I was wondering whether I'd make my 100 puppets by this date. I have to report that I didn't make it, and have only reached 95.

So what's my excuse?
The weather has been very hot this week - unseasonally so, and not very conducive to knitting. It has been gorgeous, though, and yesterday I had such a lovely lazy day, sitting outside and making quite a little pile of crochet flower hairpins, all to go into shoeboxes, of course!

So here are this week's 3 teddy puppets, all with a cuddly mohair theme going on. I bought the brown mohair on a cone and the speckled light blue wool last week from a charity shop, but don't tell Mr PL!

I'm getting rather involved these days with organising our forthcoming OCC shoebox campaign, and the time seems to fly by, but I'm confident that my 100 puppets will be completed in a week or two.

I've been making up quite a few of the little flower hairclips recently too.

Using a wool with a varigated colour stripe makes the flowers interesting without having the bother of joining in a second colour, like the one in the middle. 

They are a good way of using small scraps of wool. I've worked out that one flower takes me about 113 inches of dk wool using a 4mm hook. There's nothing more annoying than running out halfway through.

Even relatively dull colours work well.

However I loved using this really bright, almost flourescent wool. There was only a little bit of this, though. I believe I used it years ago in a baby garment for my little nephew. It wouldn't fit him now - he's just started at university!


  1. Well, only 5 more to go. I dare say, had you stuck to puppets, and not hairpins, you'd have met your deadline. But, would it have been as much fun? Probably not. I'm sure they'll be finished before the mailing date.

  2. Phew! Nearly there-- Love the little hairpins x

  3. Love the mohair look! and the hair pins particularly the bright ones. We are starting to collate shoeboxes with the groups that we have spoken to. A good time of year and we have had good weather to make it even better.

  4. I absolutely, absolutely adore your crochet hair flower pins. I just wish i could master the art of crocheting myself. I just keep getting stuck.


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