Friday, 28 October 2011

Easy peasy lavender bags

Back in the late summer I was given some lavender from a couple of people's gardens. I spent many happy hours sitting in my garden stripping off the flowers.

Weeks went by, and now and again I'd trawl the internet for easy ways to make lavender bags. But I often find that trawling the web presents so many options that it's difficult to choose betwen them.

So in the end, I went with my gut instinct, and came up with these sweet little pouches.

Very easy to make:

Get some scraps of pretty fabric, and draw around a tea plate on the wrong side with a soft pencil.

Cut the circle out using pinking shears.

Place a dollop of lavender in the middle

bunch it up into a ball

and tie a narrow ribbon in a tight bow to secure.

 This is the trickiest bit as these are quite small. It would certainly help if my nails weren't so long!



I made quite a number of these to sell at a coffee morning recently, held to raise funds for my friend who is going on a distribution trip to Crimea with Operation Christmas Child, to give the shoeboxes to the children who need them.


  1. I love lavender and dream of garden beds full. I just have a few plants, but love to gather the flowers. Lavender bags are wonderful for my clothes drawers.

  2. Lovely Janey-- another lavender fan here!

  3. Good to see the lavender was useful, no doubt there will be more where that came from next year!

  4. I too am a fan of all things lavender. Good to go with your insticts Janet - I am sure that the little bags flew off the counter.

  5. This is lovely Janet, I can smell it from here.
    Love Suex


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