Saturday, 1 October 2011


October 1st sees us in the middle of a glorious Autumn.

The late, clear sunrise.

The turning leaves.

The falling leaves.

The colourful sedum.

The rambling nastursiums.

Even the oranges are making an attempt to change colour!

We're having such high temperatures at the moment, it is quite confusing.

Following on from my suprising late strawberries a couple of weeks ago... (no, they haven't ripened yet!)

... I now have a lupin in bud...

... and winter jasmine in flower!

I'm just waiting for the snowdrops now.

All very confusing!


  1. Our sedum looks colourful too, not as good as the michaelmas daisies though!

  2. The signs of autumn are all around us, and today we had a high of 7C! It's coming! The cold is on it's way. Would you send some of your warmth in our direction, Please?
    Many of our leaves have already fallen, and the forest is beginning it's transformation from leafy colours to bare branches.
    Enjoy the heat while you can. Hugs

  3. 28C here yesterday!! Cooler today though and trying to rain. Envious of your oranges...


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