Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn? - addendum

As the indian summer fades and the true autumnal weather returns, I'd like to share this very surprising sight, spotted as I was enjoying my second October bar-b-que on Sunday.

A lonely sprig of pear blossom!

So on 2nd October 2011, in addition to the late summer/autumn flowers, I had spring pear blossom, summer strawberries, and winter jasmine also in flower. 

Wouldn't it be nice if all the plants would flower all together all year round?


  1. But, then, would we take them all for granted?

  2. Isn't it strange? I noticed strawberry flowers in my garden today!

  3. Janet I can't believe how quickly you have made the last few. I bet by morning you would have reached your 100th!
    We're running side by side....
    I love the crocheted hairpins too, what a good idea to use those for your work.
    It gives us both such a lot of pleasure and I would just love to see the faces who receive your goodies! Well done!
    Love Suex


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