Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Woolly parcel from Chalky

Yesterday the postman brought another lovely woolly parcel containing lots of goodies for Operation Christmas Child. 

This was another generous gift from the prolifically productive Linda of Chalky's World.

You may remember that she sent me a huge parcel of woolly goodies earlier in the year.

This time the parcel contained...

...coloured pens, pencils, paints, toothbrushes and children's socks  -  all great for popping into shoeboxes.

There's more....

...some cute crochet teddy puppets....

...and some pretty crochet purses...

...each one containing these dainty little crochet hairslides.

And lastly...

.. a lonely little crochet snake. (I suspect he might have escaped from the previous parcel!) He's back with his friends now.

Thank you so much Linda for all your hard work for Operation Christmas Child. I know that we are one of the many charities that you work so hard for, along with many other ladies over on the MSE forum - you all know who you are!


  1. How nice that people send you things. I did boxes last year and asked people at work to give me their bits as they all said they didn't want to do a whole box.
    No-one gave me anything, not one thing. I made 6 boxes myself and will do the same again this year. And I won't ask them...

  2. Wonderful package! Yay, Linda!

  3. What a wonderful parcel. I love this time of year, collecting things for the shoe boxes.
    I have followed your blog regularly since the conference and I have decided to try and start a crafting group in the village so that we can make things throughout the year for shoe boxes whilst enjoying a natter.
    Are you going to continue making puppets next year?

  4. Hi Davidsgrandma!
    How wonderful that you're going to start a crafting group! Have you seen the OCC booklet of fillers - there are loads of ideas in there. It's in the 'Ops Man' chapter 5. If you don't have access to it, send me your email address and I'll send you a copy.
    I expect I'll be making puppets again next year - otherwise I can't call myself 'Puppet Lady', can I?

    Good luck with your group


  5. Janet
    I will look for the booklet of fillers and let you know if I cannot find it. Thanks for your help.


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