Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekly Puppety update #11

This week I've made four teddy puppets - using that bobbly wool that seems to be a bit slow to knit up. So I'm happy that I've finished these two balls that were in my stash - one with multi-coloured flecks and one with yellow/peach/pink flecks. They're done with, and I won't buy any more. Somehow the bobbles always seem to finish up at the back of the work anyway, and I try to pull them through so that the interest is on the right side.

This brings the current puppet count to 84.

I've also been making a few little flower hairslides to tuck inside little bags or purses. I'm a relative novice at crochet and to begin with I was rather slow, but the more I make, the quicker it gets!

These were inspired by other bloggers - namely Chalky and Attic24. This is a very good way of using up small scraps of wool. I never throw away anything but the tiniest scraps - I save them all in a bag and they come in useful for faces or other small embellishments. What do you use your scraps for?


  1. Scraps? lol
    I save my bits and use them in creating other pieces underneath organza to add a bit of interest and sparkle in the background. Or I stuff something. Or the dark, dull threads are put outside for bird's nesting materials. If it's a natural fiber and the bits are too too small, they are recycled in my compost.
    The bobbles look cute on the teddies. Only 16 more to go! yay!
    Cute hair slides, too.

  2. Teddies are looking good. I love those hair clips --- Thank you so much for giving my little bit of Blogland a mention!! Lots of love Linda


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