Friday, 2 September 2011

Weekly Puppety update #10

This week I've been happily making some rainbow teddies. There's something very satisfying about knitting in rainbow colours - I just love it - (apart from a more elaborate sewing up operation). I like to sew each stripe separately with the correct colour of wool, and of course, this takes a little longer. I usually knit in the other end of the stripe as I go, to make less sewing in at the end.

When choosing the colours for the rainbow stripes, I try to end up with a light colour for the head, as I find it looks better to embroider dark features onto a light background. Somehow light features on a dark background always seem to look a bit macabre or sinister!

I've managed six rainbow teddies, bringing my total now to 80 puppets, so I'm quite pleased with progress this week. When I first started these updates, at the end of June, I'd only made 40, so I think this has helped me keep up the momentum. At this rate, I may even finish my 100 before the end of September - watch this space!


  1. The rainbow teddies are lovely and sure to put a smile on a child's face.

  2. Love the rainbows! They look so cute! And fuzzy.

  3. These are lovely . Well done on the growing total!

  4. The rainbow puppets are lovely. You go to such extraordinary lengths when producing these little chaps. It would be very easy to just aim to knit the 100 without worrying about colours and combinations. You efforts will certainly be appreciated.

  5. Your rainbow bears are lovely.
    I've just knitted 40 little hats for the 'Big Knit' Age UK campaign and my hands are hurting bad .. I don't know how you do it


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