Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thames Swim

Last week Britain was gripped by the heroic efforts of comedian David Walliams as he swam the 140 mile length of the River Thames to raise money for Comic Relief. I followed his progress down the river online and on Saturday he reached the stretch closest to where we live, so we went down to cheer him on.

We started at Boveney Lock knowing that he would be stopping a couple of miles upstream in Bray for lunch, so we walked upstream to meet him. Our first sighting of the swimmer and his flotilla of boats was just downstream from Bray. (He's the one in the white cap, the other swimmer is Greg Whyte, his trainer.)

As he disappeared from view we started walking back to Boveney Lock and waited for him to arrive. Waiting for him at the lock was another well-known comedian, Rob Brydon.

As we secured a good position near the lock entrance, Rob chatted and joked with the crowds which by this time were quite considerable. I've never seen the lock so busy!

And finally David swam into view, swimming right past us...

...before climbing the steps in front of the lock...

... and heading into the lock-keeper's house for a cuppa!

Ten minutes later, he emerged on the other side of the lock...

... gave the crowd a quick wave....

... and was back in the water, heading for Windsor.

Arriving in London on Monday, after eight full days of swimming which captured the hearts and imagination of the public, he inspired us all and lifted our spirits! What a fantastic effort! He raised over one million pounds for the charity, about which he is clearly very passionate.

And for us it was a most entertaining afternoon's walk.

You can read more about the event and sponsor David here.


  1. I think he has great determination to carry on after getting so ill. It must have helped him considerably to have so many people cheering him on.

  2. Well done for getting a picture of Rob Brydon looking straight at you! :P

  3. Amazing post Janet, I really enjoyed reading and viewing the photos!
    I've just seen Lindas crocheting amazing!
    You're keeping busy too. How are things going now you are in charge? Are you enjoying it? I'm sorry I haven't been over for a while. Sorry about that.
    All go, wanting to get these Blankets made up ready for the homes.

    How busy we all are!
    Great isn't it?
    Love Suex


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