Saturday, 27 August 2011

Weekly puppety update #9

This week I've made 3 teddies, using some rather bright but horrible to handle fluffy wool. I've used this wool before and it tends to go very limp and floppy when knitted up, sort of collapsing into itself. To remedy this I knitted it together with one strand of 4 ply in a similar colour - green on the two outer ones and yellow in the centre one, although you can hardly see the difference.

Knitting with two strands in this way has made the texture more firm and voluminous, and they still feel lovely and soft on the hand, which will be comforting for a small child. As I've said before, I always find it takes longer to knit up textured wool, which is why I've only managed 3 puppets this week, bringing the total to 74 - almost three-quarters of the way there!


  1. Getting there-- Well done as it's only August. Thank you for popping into "Chalky's World"

  2. That's fantastic, you are defininately well on the way to the magic figure. They have very happy faces and I am sure the children who receive them will too.


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