Friday, 19 August 2011

Weekly puppety update #8

Blue for a boy - that's what they say, isn't it? But it was only in the twentieth centuary that gender specific clothing became popular for children. Up until then both boys and girls were clothed in dresses and boys were once swaddled in pink. Historically, in many European countries, pink was the dominant colour for boys, and blue - the official hue of the Virgin Mary - was the popular girls’ colour. 

That said, this weeks puppets are all blue - specifically for boys' shoeboxes, as blue now seems to be commonly accepted as the colour for boys. There are 5 puppets this week - a mix of clowns and teddies - bringing the total to 71.

I seem to have fallen by the wayside somewhat this week with my blog posts. I don't know where the time goes! It must be all this inflation. A man in the supermarket today was complaining that, whilst you used to get 6 slices of ham in a packet, now you only get 5. So it seems at the moment with hours in the day. I'm sure there are now only 20 when there used to be 24! In addition to that the days are getting shorter (but the nights are getting longer, and cooler!) But the grass hasn't stopped growing yet, so I must go and mow the lawn now. Hope to be back with more posts next week. Have a good weekend, one and all!


  1. You are well on the way with the puppet-count!
    I know a young man (he's 14) who has to have an electric wheelchair. When he was due for a new one, as he'd grown, they consulted him as to his preferences. He wanted a pink seat. They wouldn't do it for hem and he ended up with red. He adores dark pink and even had a phone that shade, I feel it was mean and short-sighted to refuse him his choice.

  2. HI, I knit puppets as well for Xmas boxes. We recently had a competition at our local flower show and I came FIRST quite a thrill. I did 40 boxes last year and will knit some purses and snakes. I used to do toys but as you say can't do them now!. Keep up the good work! xxxDoreen

  3. Lovely blue puppets! I am sure girls would love them too. I like your analogy of slices of ham with time. There definitely seems to be less hours in the day!


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