Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sunflowers - to brighten the day

As it is dull, wet and miserable here today I thought I would try to brighten things up a bit with some pictures of my sunflowers. 

They seem to have done much better this year than last year, are much taller and have several healthy flower heads.

I grew them from the same seed packet as last years', so the variety is the same. I am guessing that the relatively wet summer has helped them to grow better. 

There is also fresh soil and compost in the new flower bed at the back of the house, but I'm not sure that this can explain the healthy growth, because the plants in the front garden have had virtually no feeding or mulching, and yet they have grown much better than last year too. (Being so close to the house, these tend to lean forwards to catch the fading afternoon sun - I have tied them in since these pictures were taken. They haven't done too badly, considering they have not been staked at all here.)

So it would seem, ironically, that sunflowers need plenty of rain to help them grow big and healthy.

Let's hope the rain clears up soon!

Then we can all get back out into the garden.


  1. Sunflowers always make me smile, and it's nice to see a sunny face first thing in the morning.

  2. Your sunflowers are just gorgeous! Every year I plant seeds but the squirrels and chipmunks eat them before they can even get started! Thank you for visiting me.


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