Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pick of the crop

We've had a bumper crop of beans this year. We seem to have been picking them for weeks , although I think they are coming to an end now. This one is, I think, the longest one I've ever seen.

Yes, that's 14¼ inches!

Long and straight and very tasty too. We're just full of beans!
 (Bean recipe suggestions most welcome.....)


  1. My beans are coming to an end (and not before time my husband almost said!) They are my favourite veg. We have been alternating between runner beans, French beans and courgettes for our evening meals. My tomatoes continue to flourish. The new potatoes did well as did my red and ordinary onions but the rest of my efforts did not. I usually grow salad in large bowls but they did not do well this year.
    Ah! well there is always next year.

    The bedding plants did really well against all expectations.

  2. Runner Bean Chutney is delicious

  3. That's some bean, alright! I just bought a basket of beans from the garden center. Mmmmmm steamed with becel!


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