Monday, 22 August 2011

A little 'trip' in the garden

Hello there. It's me again, Tamarind, from next door.

 I've found something rather good in Puppet Lady's garden.

Now where did she put it? Sniff sniff...

... it was around here somewhere ...

... by the wall I think...

... getting closer ...

... ah hah! Found it!

Cat mint!

If I have a good rub and a nibble of this....

... it gives me quite a buzz!

Come on Puppet Lady - time you planted this plant in the garden before I eat it all! You bought it to attract me into the garden and it's done the trick, but it won't last long at this rate.

Puppet Lady says "OK Tamarind. I've planted it now. It is protected by a piece of netting until it gets established otherwise you might destroy it! I trimmed off the straggly bits for you to sniff in the meantime!

By the way, will you please stop using my veggie patch for your convenience?"


  1. I hope tamarind behaves in your vegie patch. Are you going to knit him some catnip toys? My cats always loved the felt ones I stuffed with the dried catnip.

  2. Hello Puppet Lady,
    Tamarind is a beautiful, elegant cat, I can certainly see why you bought some catnip to encourage lots of visits!
    My cats love the catnip powder I buy from the petshop but didn't seem very interested in the catnip I carefully grew from seed especially for them, I think I must have chosen the wrong type.

  3. What a lovely cat. I've noticed two black cats in my garden recently. I don't want to encourage them because of all the birds (my own cats stay indoors) but I don't mind them wandering through.


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