Thursday, 21 July 2011

Weekly puppety update #4

Once again only four teddy puppets have been added to the collection this week.

This brings the total now to 54.

All looking fairly similar, but with different coloured heads. I've been using some cones of 4 ply wool, which I bought a few months ago for a bargain from a charity shop. Used double, it makes a good sized puppet, a little larger than usual as I've used larger needles than I normally do.

There is a lot of wool on those cones. I've hardly made an impression on them and I could probably knit at least 40 more puppets, but not just now. That would be rather dull. 

It's time for something different for next week. Time for a visit to my stash! I can't wait!


  1. I think I like these variegated ones the best of all!

  2. Well done Janet-- Keep it up . The children will be so happy when they appear in their boxes. Love Linda

  3. David's Grandma22 July 2011 at 20:33

    I follow your blog having heard about it at the Samaritan's Purse Conference.
    I was interested to read your comment about the amount of wool on your cones because I saw some cones of wool recently in a charity shop but did not know how to value them. they were £10 each. It was not possible to tell how much yarn was on them (it was thick wool which I would have used for hats. A rethink is required!

  4. Hi David's Grandma. Cones do hold a lot of wool - but £10 sounds quite a lot to pay. I think I payed about £1 for each of these - although often they're between £2 - £4, depending on how much was used. At that price its a good buy and you'll get a lot of hats out of it!

  5. I think I like these varigated wool puppets most of all! I especially like the one with the pink and green face!

  6. Thanks Puppet Lady for the advice. I will keep watching for more cones. My 90 year old Mother gave me some skeins of wool from a friend of hers that had a label on them that indicated that they must have been acquired about 40 years ago!! I wound it and made 2 pairs of mittens

    By the way, your tomatoes are a lot further on that mine!


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