Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weekly puppety update #3

Not only is this update a day late, but I also have to report that there are only four new puppets this week!

It's a mixture of clowns and teddy bears. I've been making more teddies than clowns lately, mainly because they are a little quicker to make. There is less changing of yarn in the head of a teddy, and less knitting in general, although the body part, up to the head is exactly the same for both. But I do rather like the happy faces of the clowns, with their big smiles.

This brings my puppety total now to - wait for it - 50!

I'm halfway there!


  1. Well done with your puppet making. You must have lots of patience!

  2. Well done Janet they are all gorgeous!
    It looks as though you had a nice time at the carnival, what a good idea to make people aware. Where do you get your shoe boxes, do you ask at the shoe shops. Daft question. But they dont have many boxes now a days. The shoes come in big boxes.
    Thank you Suex

  3. Yay! Half-way! See? You can do it!


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