Thursday, 7 July 2011

I've got it pegged

My old peg bag had seen better days. It was so old that I can't remember where or when I bought it. 

It was definitely showing signs of age, and frequently leaked it's contents over the garden through the ever-increasing holes. (I know there's an analogy somewhere here, but I don't think I'll go there!)

It was even held together in places with staples.

It was time for a replacement. 

But instead of buying a new one, I found an idea here, using items that I already had around the house.

An old coathanger (it doesn't need to be padded, but I thought the padding would stop the hanger wearing through the bag, as the old one had.)

A pretty tea-towel. I've had this one for many years, but it's never been used, so is still nice and crisp.

Designer, as well!

Just fold over the top by 4 inches and lay the coathanger on top.

Draw around the top.

Then machine stitch around the line, leaving a hole in the middle for the hanger to poke through.

Trim off the excess above the line. Then fold the bottom up to just overlap the top and stitch up the sides.

Turn it the right way out, insert the coat hanger and there you have it!

One designer, new-from-old peg bag!

Does the job and should last at least as long as the old one!


  1. I have one made from a Tea Towel as well. Not such a posh one as yours though!

  2. I just bought a new one last week! Aww.
    Good idea.Thanks.

  3. Good old Mary!
    This is superb Janet.
    So pretty too.

    Amazing what you can do with things around the house.

    Thanks for your comments on 'Mrs Twins'. I'm so pleased everything is done now. Just need to sort the bathroom out now. It's time though.....

    Hugs and have a good weekend!
    Love Suex

  4. Hi! I'm stopping over from "Raindrops & Daisies"
    I love your new peg bag and you make it sound so easy.
    It is very pretty.

    Have a Happy Weekend!


  5. Great idea! We had Mary Quant sheets when I was a child. Very groovy little brown flowers, they were lovely.


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