Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Carnival Time

On Saturday, some of our group from OCC took a stall at the local Burnham Carnival. The purpose was to raise awareness of our cause so that people would start thinking about making up a shoebox this year. This was the first time we have done this, so we were not really sure what to expect. On Saturday morning we set up our stall along with many other local charity groups and scouting organisations. 

We decided that a gazebo would be a good idea in case of rain, but as it happened, the wind was more of a problem than the rain and we even had to peg the table to the ground to stop it blowing over!

We had some samples of filled shoeboxes on show, along with some of the craft items that we use to fill them with. We also had some empty covered shoeboxes which we were selling to anyone who wanted one. (Covering the box is often the most difficult part, for some people!)

The theme of the carnival was 'Festival of Scarecrows', and a parade of local children and others, all in fancy dress opened the carnival.

After that it was open for business, and we handed out leaftlets and talked about Operation Christmas Child to anyone who was passing our stall, or stopped to have a look. We covered some empty shoeboxes and sold a few, hoping to get them back later, filled with gifts for a needy child.

Thank you to all who visited our stall and showed interest. Thanks also to all who helped out in one way or another in setting up the stall. 

I was impressed at people's generosity and kindness. One thing that particularly pleased me was the way a number of mothers explained to their children how, unlike themselves, other children have no gifts at Christmas, and this was for them. This is what it's all about, isn't it?


  1. What a good idea to do a stall. We always enjoy doing the shoe box every year. Also a good idea to sell the boxes.
    Sue x

  2. I hope that brilliant idea brings lots of new support.

  3. That's a wonderful way to spread the word about your Christmas boxes. Sure hope it brings you many more helpers.

  4. this looks very impressive - I am sure more people will come on board o make boxes as a result of this!


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