Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Weekly puppety update #1

I've decided that one way to focus my mind on puppet production is to do a weekly update. So here is the first weekly puppety update. This week's total is....

... ta-dah ...

... five puppets.

This brings the total now to 40.

There's a bit of a lilac/purple theme going on here. In fact it was Mr Puppetlady who chose the varigated pink/purple wool, to go with the plain purple. Quite a good choice, I think. Of course, I reserve the right to veto his choices if I think they are unsuitable, but occasionally I let him chose from my stash, just so that he feels involved! (And to try and stop him from complaining whenever the stash is added to, like today when I found 3 nice balls in a charity shop!)

The fluffy lilac stripes on the two left-hand puppets are left over from two little boleros that I made for my dear little god-daughter and her sister, for my god-daughter's christening, some years ago. The two girls looked so sweet in their little lilac organza dresses and the little boleros. It's nice when you sometimes pull something out of your stash, and it brings back a happy memory or some significant association.

Five puppets in a week means that it will now take me twelve more weeks to get to my target of 100. This is do-able, although 5 is a good total for a week (for me), and it might take me longer. Some wools seems to knit up quicker than others - plain wool slips more easily through the fingers than textured yarn or mohair, so this is why I've made good progress this week.

I've been uploading pictures of the puppets onto Flickr, so you can have a look at them there if you like.

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