Monday, 13 June 2011

Through the window

Glancing out of my study window last week I was somewhat suprised to see the following little drama evolving.

The pictures are a little blurry because I was poking the camera through the venetian blind.

However it it quite clear what is being attacked.

A poor innocent slow-worm.

Slow-worms are, in fact, reptiles, and can shed their tails in order to escape from predators.

It looks as if this one may have tried to do this to escape, but alas, it was all in vain.

In the UK the slow-worm is a protected species, and it is illegal to kill them intentionally. This magpie is obviously not aware that it is flouting the law. 

I had to open the venetian blind in order to shoot this movie, and having been spotted, the magpie obviously decided to have it's dinner somewhere more private.

Nature can appear quite harsh, sometimes.


  1. I am not keen on Magpies!!
    Our chickens used to go crazy if they caught a slow worm. And similarly their fate was decided from the first peck!
    I did not realise they were protected.How interesting.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. I've never heard of slow worms: I thought it was a snake at first. Naughty magpie!

  3. I'd be panicking.....if I saw one.
    Hugs Suex


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