Wednesday, 8 June 2011

OCC Craft Group - June report

For this month's craft group, we had plans to make shoebox gifts out of pom-poms. I did a bit of experimenting beforehand and came up with some ideas...

...a fun beaded necklace for a little girl...

...or another variation, with pom-poms simply tied to a twisted cord.

A rainbow coloured caterpillar would make a nice toy for the boys' boxes.

So our ladies got busy, selecting their wool...

... and creating piles of pom-poms.

Making pom-poms is very quick and easy. Years ago we used to make them by laboriously winding wool around two rings of cardboard. It took a long time to push the wool through the centre hole each time, especially when the hole started to close up. I found a much quicker method on the internet.

Take a rectangular piece of card, with one side approximately the size of the pom-pom you want. Ours were about 3.5 - 4 cm.

Wrap your wool neatly around the card. The number of turns depends a bit on the thickness of the wool - we used DK wool, and about 60 turns is sufficient. Cut the end of your wool, then cut another piece of wool about 15 cm long for fastening.

Slide the bunch of wool off the card, and using the short piece of wool, tie as tightly as possible around the middle. Then snip through all the loops and fluff out the ends and hey presto, there's your pom-pom! You can see a video of this method here. You can even omit the card altogether and just wrap the wool around your fingers like this.

In the end our craft ladies decided that they liked the caterpillars best, and so that's what they all made.

Just string 6 or 7 pom-poms together with some thin elastic, securing firmly at each end.

Add some googly eyes, and maybe a cord to pull it along by.

So we ended up with a bunch of nice toys for the boys...

... and some pom-poms left over for a few more later.

Thank you, once again, craft ladies, for coming and making shoebox gifts. Won't those boys just love those caterpillars?


  1. Wonderful Janet -- and what a relief to find a short cut for making bobbles!

  2. Brilliant idea Janet. Well done. x


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