Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another woolly parcel!

Last week I was delighted to receive another lovely woolly parcel in the post, once again filled with generously donated hand-made items for OCC shoeboxes.

This time it was sent by Anne, who is a member of a lively group of charity knitters and crafters that I belong to over on MSE, on a thread called "Knit Your Square to Give Your Share".  These ladies regularly make articles for many different charities as well as providing help and friendship on-line to one another. It's a very friendly group, and well worth while taking a look if you're searching for a charity to craft for.

But back to Anne's parcel... 

... there were some crochet wriggly snakes (made using Chalky's pattern)...

...some pretty crochet purses....

...some knitted purses, using my pattern.....

...and some lovely cosy hats.

Thank you so much Anne, for making and sending me all these lovely things.
You can rest assured that they will all make their way into a shoebox later this year, and put a smile on the face of the child that receives them.

Thanks also to Chalky, who introduced me to the "Knit your Square..." group.


  1. Oh goodness how nice of Pippa! These items will be so useful to you Janet. I keep meaning to ask you I have some odd bits of felt in my sewing drawer upstairs, and I was wondering if they would be usful in any way to you? I'd be happy to send them on.
    Great puppet, I'm pleased I love your little puppets!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. What a nice selection of items for your gift boxes! Yay!


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