Friday, 17 June 2011

Another package in the post

One of the lovely things that results from using the 'social media' is that you make contact with like-minded people who take an interest in crafting for charitable causes. I have long admired the work of Mrs Twins and the lovely blankets that she make for the elderly in care homes, with the help of many contributors around the world. Her project SIBOL shows the blankets that have been made so far and details current and future special challenges.

Mrs Twins is always generous with her comments and praise of the work of others, and takes great care to acknowledge and show all contributions to her project. This must take an enormous amount of time and energy on her part, so I was particularly delighted when she recently took the trouble to send me a parcel.

Inside was a big pile of brightly coloured felt pieces.

These will be great for making pencil cases or other crafty items for our OCC shoeboxes.

Thank you so much, Sue!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and if the weather keeps us indoors, at least we can be crafting!


  1. Good Evening Janet,
    oh this is a nice surprise! I am so pleased you think you can put a use to it. It's just been lying around and I would rather you and your team have it. I do hope things are going okay for you.
    I had such a lovely time at the home on Monday. I was really nervous, but colin came along and we were offered tea and biscuits and a chat to the residents. So now your two tone green squares are being loved! thank you.
    Thank you so much for these kind words and may I wish you the best of luck with your group!
    I'm so proud of you.
    Love Suex

  2. Thank you for our Anniversary wishes!
    Hugs Suex


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