Friday, 27 May 2011

Picturing my garden

I have been considering getting a new camera for a while now, and recently I was lucky enough to have one on loan, just to try out and see if it was the kind of camera that I thought I would use. Last weekend I was putting it through it's paces in the garden. Not only did the camera prove to be excellent, but I was also impressed with the profusion of colour and the variety of different plants in flower all at the same time.

The warm weather we've been having has really brought the plants into bloom, and the rain we've had this week will help things along even more. Being inspired by this week's 'Chelsea Flower Show', I'm sure I'll be spending some time in the garden this weekend. 

I hope you'll enjoy your weekend too.


  1. Good evening Janet,
    I'm just hoping this will get through. Blogger problems 'still!'.
    These flowers are just wonderful. I opened up your site and there they were! Absolutely beautiful.
    Hasn't the Chelsea flower show been beautiful? Every year I say to Mr. Twins, we should go, but then we don't. Last year we did get to the show at the NEC which was lovely.
    Superb post, full of colour

    have a happy weekend, hope the weather stays nice now.
    love suex

  2. It's not stopped raining here for three weeks now (except for 1 day). And it's raining as I type. We're hoping for some sunshine and a chance to dry out!


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