Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Meet the neighbours.

Hello, I'm Tamarind and I live next door to the Puppet Lady.

Today I had a little mooch around her garden. 

I don't come here very often.

The people that I own don't like me to go out of their garden, despite the fact that I've had them about a year.

Instead they like to take me for walks on a lead, like a little dog. (We don't usually get very far.)

They also whistle to me when they want me to come in the house. (I usually just come in my own time.)

I think they're just a little confused about the difference between cats and dogs, don't you?

So it was nice to jump over that big fence into Puppet Lady's garden and just do cat-like things for a little while, to re-inforce my feline sense of identity.

I'd better be on my best behavior, so I won't dig in her veggie patch....

....just behind it here where she can't see me!

Oh, what have we here? No, I don't think it's edible.

Her garden's not too bad, but she could put a lovely bit of cat-nip in this space here, couldn't she?

Oh blimey, I didn't realise she had a cat too! Oh no, it's ok, its only a concrete one. It's holding down this netting in the wind and protecting those big red shiny things in the strawberry patch. At least she must like cats, though!

Oh well, it was nice to see what was over the garden fence. Now I've found out how easy it is to get over that fence, I'll probably come again! Bye for now!


  1. Tamarind you are beautiful. I don't suppose the Puppet Lady minded you visiting at all as long as you respect her garden!


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