Sunday, 15 May 2011

Just popping in a poppy

Yesterday I noticed with delight that my oriental poppies had come out. 
This one is the stunning 'Beauty of Livermere'.

A bee flies in....

...curls itself up and rolls around in the bright blue pollen in the base of the flower...

...until it is completely covered!


It was the fact that I wanted to share this lovely flower on my blog that led me to observe this little miracle. How great is that?


  1. Ours havent quite reached the flowering stage.

  2. If I ever see a blue coloured bee I will know where it has been! The flower is stunning and who would have thopught that a bee would roll about in pollen?!

  3. I'm so glad you captured this magic! Hmmm, does that make him a blue-blood? lol I've heard of rolling in the hay, but not in pollen.

  4. Beautiful photos-- I love poppies x


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