Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Beaded Bracelets for OCC

For this month's craft afternoon, where we make gift items for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, we produced these quick and easy little beaded bracelets. 

Here's how to make a bracelet:

You will need:

A small amount of yarn, or soft string. Cotton yarn is best, but any will do. We used cotton double knitting yarn, and acrylic four-ply or double knitting yarn. A few beads - you'll need roughly 15-20 beads per bracelet.

Cut 3 lengths of yarn, approx 45 cm/18 in in length. Tie the 3 strands together at about 8 cm/3 in from one end. Thread one of the long ends with a needle, making sure it is small enough to pass through your beads. Then start plaiting the 3 strands together. You'll find it easier to plait if you anchor the knotted end in some way: we found various ways of doing this:

1) You can anchor it under a heavy object - a mug or a glass is ideal.

2) You can get a friend to hold it for you.

3) You can grip it between your knee and a table leg!

Continue plaiting the threads, inserting a bead in your plait every inch or so, until you reach about 8-10 cm/2.5-3 inches from the end. 

Then tie the three strands together in another knot. Finally, thread a bead onto the three loose strands at the end of each knot, and secure by knotting each end.

These little decorations can be tied around s little girl's wrist as a bracelet, or can be used as a hair decoration as well.

It's always lovely to see different people's interpretations on a simple idea.

One clever lady even added a touch of macramé to her creations.

Thanks to all the craft ladies for coming to help out this month and for helping me make this little tutorial!


  1. How cute! The little girls will be so pleased to find them in their boxes.

  2. Such a lovely idea. Simple but effective!


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