Monday, 18 April 2011

Tulip Treats

These tulips were free bulbs given away with the pear tree that we bought late last year. I was late planting them - I think it was well into the new year, so I am happy that they've come up so well. Whenever I see them, I have to look twice as they look almost like wooden imitation tulips, they stand so straight and upright.

I love the way tulips open and close with the sunshine. These are pink on the outside, and when they start to open, a yellow middle is revealed.

When the sun is shining, the really open up to show their yellow centres.

There's nothing like a free gift, is there?


  1. I've enjoyed your free gift, too! Wow, you are several weeks ahead weather wise than my cold Ontario corner: my daffs' tips are just poking through the ground!

  2. Everything's so late this year but it seems to be making up for it this week . Local gardens are finally popping with colour . Lovely !


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