Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Scrapbook

Pears, Peonies and Pigeons

Our new pear tree, planted late last year in our new border, is looking healthy and flowering nicely. Unfortunately we won't be eating the pears this year as they recommend that you don't let the tree fruit in it's first year. I'm enjoying the blossom, anyway.

Earlier in the Spring, we transplanted this peony from a shady spot, where it was a leggy, struggling specimen, to our new border. I'd heard that peonies don't like being moved, but this one seems to be thriving in its new sunny position, proving that with gardening, it pays to just try things as they may succeed against the expert advice!

 The window cleaner came this week. He usually makes a good job of cleaning the window frames and sills as well as the windows. The pigeons must have seen him, and been inspired to clean out the conservatory gutters the following day!

Messy creatures! 

Dawn's scrapbook has some supurb pictures of her garden birds this week.


  1. Janet, we are having the same gutter problems as the birds look for nesting stuff. The blackbirds are even taking weed from the pond!
    I have loads of peonies and the awful winter seems to have suited them for some reason, they're well ahead of usual. Dawn

  2. The pear blossoms are beautiful! Are they scented, too? I have found that moving peonies means the first year they may not bloom or bloom well, but they're sure to appreciate a sunny spot over shade.


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