Thursday, 14 April 2011


I've always found something fascinating and magical about rainbows. Is it that supposed treasure at the end of a rainbow, or the sunshine after the rain that is a common instigator of a rainbow? Maybe it's just that lovely array of colours that is always so pleasing on the eye.

This picture, taken out of my window the other day, after the first heavy shower for quite some time, shows the kind of conditions where I'd expect to see a rainbow. In this case there wasn't one, but the dark clouds against the bright sunshine were dramatic enough for me to get my camera out.

So when it came to a return to puppet production this week, after finishing my 'recycled cardigan' (more of which later, once I've persuaded Mr PL to take some photos of me wearing it!), it was to the rainbow theme that my thoughts turned to as I rumaged through my stash.

I love making rainbow coloured puppets - indeed, one of the first ones I ever made was rainbow coloured. How can a child not be cheered up by such a bright array of colours? I'm sure it's not a co-incidence tha many children's toys are made in rainbow patterns and colours. So I've decided, now that puppet production has recommenced after a rather long break, to make quite a few rainbow puppets.

Here is the first:

... and another is on the needles.

Since I've only made 5 puppets this year, those needles will have to get clicking away if I'm to make my usual target of 100 a year!

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  1. I love rainbows, too, and rainbow puppets make me smile.


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