Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Crafting for OCC

This week our monthly OCC Craft Group met up once again for a session of crafting and a friendly chat. This month we were led by Lesley, who had us making little cases out of plastic embroidery mesh, decorated with our own designs embroidered in wool. These are handy for putting a comb or other gift inside, to go into a shoebox for OCC.

Here's one that Lesley made earlier. Very colourful.

Our creative ladies soon got busy sewing, either following Lesley's designs or making up their own.

This one was my effort.

We were also making our toiletry 'ducks' out of a flannel and a small bar of soap, just cleverly folded and held together with rubber bands. This makes a fun-filled filler for our shoeboxes, and more interesting for a child to receive than just a flannel and a bar of soap!

We were all so busy that for most of us, there wasn't time to finish our comb cases. However most of our ladies are more than happy to take things away with them and finish them at home. And that's what I did, finishing off my comb case yesterday.

So it's a big 'Thank you' to Lesley for organising this session, and also to all the ladies who come and help every month making things to go in our shoeboxes.


  1. Janet the comb cases are lovely and of course the ducks such fun -- Have you seen the flannel rabblits too! So glad you had such a good afternoon
    Love Linda

  2. I have a stock of shoe boxes already. How quickly it all comes around again...


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