Saturday, 23 April 2011

BBC - Beautiful Bluebells at Cliveden.

This morning we set off early for Cliveden, to arrive before the crowds. It was a glorious morning, and fortunately not everyone has realised that they now open their gates at 10 o'clock rather than 11, so it was blissfully quiet. We had a fantastic hour walking around in the peace and warm sunshine, and the bluebells were just beautiful.

It was hot enough to believe you were on the Italian Riviera!

If this warm weather continues, there will be quite a few melted Easter eggs found tomorrow!

Happy Easter!


  1. How lush and pretty it looks! My daffs are poking through the ground and now 1" high, and today we had sun after the rain. Ah, spring.

  2. We were only joking yesterday that we could be in Tuscany... if only. And definitely not this morning!
    Lovely photos, Janet


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