Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Scrapbook - Two Bridges

On a riveside walk by the Thames at Maidenhead yesterday we passed these two historic bridges. This first one carries the main western line railway across the river.

This second bridge is the road bridge bearing the old 'Bath Road', which goes from London to Bath.

Two bridges, quite different in style, look well together.

Especially on such a beautiful sunny spring day.

Joining Dawn's bridgy theme today, purely by conincidence!


  1. You can tell by the pictures even that it's warmer where you are!

  2. Love the arches and the texture of the bricks. There's something about rock and old bricks that I find comforting. Guess it's their solidity and strength. Hugs

  3. Good morning Janet,
    These photos are gorgeous. Isn't it lovely to get outside in the fresh air. I actually felt as though we were walking together enjoying these sights.
    have a good week and thanks for your kind comments!
    Hugs Suex

  4. I too enjoyed your photos and also being out in the sunshine and fresh air yesterday. Beautiful.


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