Thursday, 31 March 2011

Still crafting!

I've been quiet on the blog this week. I don't know where the time goes, really. But I have been plodding along with a bit of crafting, partly inspired by all the things that Linda has been creating. Do go over to her blog and see the lovely creations she comes up with, many of them perfect for putting into shoeboxes for OCC.

Now I'm fairly new to crochet, but have managed to make a couple of little things designed by Linda, which I also hope to share with the fellow crafters in my group when we meet for our 'Craft a'Noon' next week. Firstly there's this sweet little bag.

After a little misunderstanding with crochet terms, I got there in the end! As Linda says, "don't worry, be happy". I'm happy with this little bag and I'm sure the little girl who receives it in her shoebox at Christmas will be too!

Next I tried Linda's snake recipe, which she seems to have got quite addicted to! I've only made one so far, but they're very quick to make and I hope to start churning them out as quickly as Linda does soon.

I made a slight adaptation to Linda's pattern and made the tongue out of a 10 chain, then fraying the end. I hope the little boy that recieves this in his box will have as much fun with the snake as I had making it!

Linda has also come up with a pattern for crochet teddy puppets, so that's on my list to try soon.

I'm also still working on my recyled cardigan, and have now finished the sleeves. I wasn't quite able to match the colours on either side all the way up, but almost. There simply weren't matching colours in the wool I had left, but at least I had enough to finish the sleeves. I'm just working on the collar now, and hope to be able to have a Tah-dah moment soon. Here are the sleeves, anyway.

They have taken a while to get to this stage: first I knitted them all brown, changed my mind and knitted them with the brown bobbly cuff and changing into the blue coloured Noro wool. Then I decided I didn't like the transition from brown to blue, and unpicked all the blue so that I could start with a browny stripe in the Noro wool, giving a smoother colour transition. So this is almost the third pair of sleeves I've knitted! I'm glad I did this, but it has kept me busy and stopped me from making puppets and other items for OCC. I'll rectify that shortly, I'm sure.

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  1. Janet that is absolutely brilliant. You really have got the hang of crochet now and I am so glad you are enjoying the patterns on my blog. What a good cause x


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