Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spring walking

This season doesn't necessarily mean lots of colour. Far from it. However, yesterday's walk in the sunshine revealed nature's more subtle beauty - the promise of greenery to come on the pale emerging leaves of the weeping willows - the rushes and grasses wafting in the breeze, clearly visible against the bare branches which have yet to bud. It all seems to be waiting to burst into life - we just need a few more glorious sunny days.

The swans were enjoying the sunshine just as much as we were.

I hope your days are sunny too.


  1. Very tantalising and I love your collages-- really beautiful. I was thinking about you today as I made some purses for an elderly aunt who makes up boxes like you x

  2. Oh, it looks so lovely and warm and sunny. We got hit last night with another 6-8" of snow, to add to the 18" or more of last week! I want some sun and spring! Enjoy yours.


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