Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Recycled cardigan progress (or not?)

My recycled cardigan is still on the go. The last time I posted about it (back in January) I had just started knitting the sleeves in a contrasting colour, because I did not have enough of the lovely coloured Noro yarn to complete the garment.

I finished knitting the two sleeves.

They look rather skinny but that is because they are knitted in rib and will stretch out. 

However, I changed my mind. I thought the garment would look too 'blocky' with the sleeves in this colour and the rest in the varigated Noro colours. So, back to the drawing board. I had a look at the pile of Noro wool left over and there seemed to be quite a bit there after all. I weighed it. I made a spreadsheet and calculated how many stitches I had already done, and my wool usage. I did a bit of a redesign (with the help of a great idea from Mr Puppet Lady, no less!), did some more calculations and started the sleeves again. My plan was to knit some cuffs in the brown and then use the Noro wool for the rest of the sleeve. A matching collar in brown will compliment the brown cuffs.

Progress has been a bit slow as I am carefully trying to match the colour variation across both sleeves, as I did for the fronts. It had been going ok, and I've been managing to match the colours fairly well so far. I've been knitting them 'in tandem' to make this matching easier.

I decided to make a bit of a feature of the cuffs and knitted a few rows in bobble stitch. (This is quite a time consuming stitch, let me tell you!)

The idea is that the bobbly part will fold back, provided I have enough Noro wool to make the sleeve long enough to do this. If not, I have at least got a safety margin and the cuff need not fold back. Fortunately, being knitted in rib, it is the same on both sides, so whether or not the cuff folds it will not be a problem.

Ha ha, I thought all was going well, and took these pictures to make this post. Then I suddenly saw something that I hadn't noticed before and realised that I should have done things a bit differently. You see, where the brown wool joins the Noro wool, there is rather a stark contrast between the brown and the beautiful royal blue (these photos do not do the colours justice, I'm afraid. Well, maybe the one below does.)

Further up, after the green stripe, there is a small brown stripe, and I really wish I had started with the brown to make a more gradual transition from the brown wool. Don't you agree that would look better?

Now I face a dilemma. Do I just carry on and forever have to stare at that ugly transition on the sleeves, or do I rip it up back to the brown and start again with the brown stripe? Oh dear. I shall have to ponder this for a day or two. I would really like to get this cardy finished soon, before the winter is over. I think I'll have to knit a puppet or two while I make my decision. What do you think I should do??


  1. I think you should stop and knit a puppet! You know you won't be happy with the transition of colour on the sleeves so I think you should start again with the brown stripe! I hope I have helped!!!

  2. I love the bobbly bits! As for the brown stripe....you obviously don't like it, so,.......yes, afraid so........Otherwise you won't love it once it's done, will you? sorry

  3. Personally I would frog it. I wouldn't like having to but I think it would bother me not being exactly as I wanted it to be.
    You could make loads of Puppets from that yarn. Imagine.


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