Thursday, 17 March 2011

Recycled cardigan - did I or didn't I?

Thank you to those who responded to my dilemma in my previous post. Your views seemed to be unanimous, that I should rip it out and start again. I think that I had also decided the same thing myself, even before I'd finished posting about it. I didn't even need to knit any puppets whilst I thought about it.

So out it came that evening, rip, rip, rip and start again, this time starting with the browny stripe in the Noro
wool against the brown wool of the cuffs.

I think it looks much better this way. The transition is much more subtle, changing from the warm brown to a more purly brown and then to purple.

I always have difficulty replicating blues and purples with my camera, but these pictures give an idea of the transition now.

I am much happier with it now, and feel inspired to carry on and finish this project. Bye bye for now then, I'm off to carry on knitting!


  1. Hi Janet
    Loving the knitting and it looks so much better
    I have just posted a tutorial on my blog for a little purse that may be perfect for Operation Christmas Child and your newly formed Crochet Group. Please pop over and have a look. Easy and quick-- which equals perfecxt!!
    Lots of love Linda

  2. I bet you feel so much better now the colours are around the 'right' way!


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