Friday, 11 March 2011


There really hasn't been very much serious puppet making yet this year. I've been busy with other things - learning to crochet was one - and knitting up my recycled cardy - (I'm now on my fourth sleeve - but more about that in another post!)

But I have made a start, and here are the latest little friends.

I am enjoying just knitting them up as the mood and my stash takes me, rather than doing sets of 10 as I did last year. It will make it easier to use up oddments from the stash, which is something I find quite satisfying. After all, if you use up one ball of wool, you can justify replacing it with another, can't you?

I hope you have a good weekend - how are you using your stash?


  1. Oh! It's lovely to see the puppets back I have really missed them- Love the kitty!
    I am actually making little bags for OCC at the moment. I often think of you the work you inspired to become involved in'
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. I enjoy seeing them too Janet! I'm so pleased you have some little friends again!
    My stash goes on my 'Sunshine Blankets'.
    Love Suex

  3. So nice to see your happy little puppets again. They do make me smile. umm, which stash? My knitting, sewing, painting, thread, CQing or beading stash? Yup. Thaaaat much. It's no wonder I'm Have a good weekend!


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