Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Lady cake

Sometimes I bake this cake. It's only me that eats it in our house. It's a cake invented some years ago by a lady called Linda Kearns and is supposed to be full of phytoestrogens, good for relieving some of the troublesome symptoms experienced by  LOACA's ('Ladies Of A Certain Age)! The recipe came from this book.

It's packed full of healthy seeds, nuts and grains and plenty of soya flour and milk.

The recipe, which can be can be found here, says to use a loaf tin, but I prefer to use a 7" or 8" cake tin. It cooks quicker and is easier to cut up. Here's my cake, ready for baking.

And after baking.

I usually cut mine into 12 pieces and freeze some for later. 

It is quite a dense cake and reminds me somewhat of old-fashioned bread pudding, which my mother used to make and I loved it. For a cake that has no sugar or fat in it, it tastes surprisingly good. Last time I made it I added some mixed peel to replace some of the fruit, and this gave it an interesting twist. The recipe I've referred to suggests adding apricots and dates too. I'm also usually quite generous with the spices.

I think it does help somewhat with those troublesome symptoms, although I don't eat it every day. You can also spread some soya spread on it (or butter if you want to be indulgent!)

The recipe book calls the cake 'Beat the Menopause' cake. 

Mr Puppet Lady calls it 'Lady Cake' which I think is so much nicer.


  1. That looks delicious and I will certainly give it a try

  2. Oh yes I've heard of this cake Janet! I'm sure your hubby enjoyed it too!
    Beautiful day I agree, so warm and pleasant. Such a lot of jobs to do when my Husband has time off, 'when!'.
    Love sue x

  3. Lady cake sounds so much nicer - I agree!


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