Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ta-Dah! Max's Moon.

Max is finished!

He's been on the go since 2004, so it's high time! It is probably the most challenging piece of cross-stich I've ever worked, due to the black background fabric and the subtle mix of colours.

I suppose a tabby cat is also quite a complex subject to stitch as well, with many shades of browns, beiges and greys. But I think his fluffy outline is the thing that makes this picture so attractive.

Having said all that, my next cross-stich project is to be....

...yup! A tabby cat on a black background. "Frederick the Literate". Well, to match Max, of course. 

I don't usually buy cross-stich kits, as I have a large stash of embroidery silks already, but I spotted this kit in a Charity Shop for ₤3 and couldn't resist! And it's just the same width as Max, so they'll make a nice pair of pictures when finished. (At current rates that will be in 2018!) I'm hoping this one will be a bit quicker and easier. There is much more colour variation in the threads, so it will be easier to follow the pattern. For Max, I had to use a highlight pen on the chart to show which stitches I'd done - something that many stitchers do all the time but I personally have never needed to do before.

I've already sorted the threads for Frederick, so I'm ready to start. I think perhaps I should post regularly on Frederick's progress, so that I'll have an incentive to get him finished before 2018!  Another good thing about this new project is that all the books in the picture have amusing cat-related titles, so I'll aim to reveal these from time to time.


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